Growing Money


”Your valuable tips, shared personal experiences and tough-love kind of questions inspired me and my husband to shape up, and since taking your course, we’ve paid off over $8,000 in credit card debt, closed two credit cards out (we have several more that we’ve had a great credit history with for years), and put away more into savings than we’ve ever had.”

Do you and your household struggle with finances?

You don’t have to deal with this challenge by yourself. Growing Money services will help you gain skills needed for day-to-day financial management. We will also help you use those skills to achieve your goals. Our purpose is to support you in becoming financially stable and building your household assets.

We will work with you to:

  • Define financial goals so you know exactly what YOUR priorities are
  • Figure out where, if possible, to cut household costs
  • Use a spending plan to make the most of the income you have
  • Determine the best approach to paying down debt
  • Access the safest and most effective products for increasing your credit score
  • Set up and successfully save into a security fund

And much more!

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