Impact of Your Support

Meet just three of the people who have benefitted from our programs - from weatherizing homes to starting a new business.

"I became legally disabled and when I signed up for an evaluation by Champlain Valley Weatherization, I had no idea how important they were to become to my being able to keep my home. I knew my furnace was getting old and had no idea how I would afford a new one. The staff from CVOEO Weatherization came and did a thorough evaluation from lights, to appliances, attic insulation, air sealing doors, carbon monoxide detectors, bathroom exhaust fan and an inspection of that old furnace. They replaced my furnace and fixed all of the other many energy problems I didn’t even know I had! I was so impressed with their level of professionalism and work ethic. I just don’t know what I would have done without their help!"

I had a workplace accident and had fallen behind in my rent. They walked me through setting up a payment agreement with my landlord and supported that with housing replacement funds. They referred me to the seasonal and crisis fuel program and Weatherization Program. Then I had my taxes completed at their office and the $1000 I am getting back will tide me over until I get back on the job. I can’t wait to get back to work!

I got some hard and invaluable classes with chefs Jamie Eisenberg and Brian Dermody through the Community Kitchen Academy at the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf, where I picked up vital cooking skills and learned how to maintain a commercial kitchen. Then Simeon at CVOEO’s Microbusiness Development helped me to create a business plan and mission statement, and conduct market research. Now Chef Papi’s gluten-free pastries are sold at a range of natural health food stores and other venues throughout the county. [CVOEO] fed me when I needed food. Then they taught me how to become a better cook. I was a just a baker at home; now I’m a certified baker [with my own business] because of CVOEO.


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