Dear Friends,


He is angry most of the time. He lives in his car using the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf for groceries and meals. He has diabetes. One night I witnessed him swaying while having an episode of low blood sugar waiting for something to eat. He walked over to the food line took a bowl and walked over to where the cereal was kept. He poured the cereal into the bowl, filled the bowl with milk and started eating. He knew what to do and was in a place where he could take care of his needs. He smiled then joined the others for the evening meal. CVOEO continues “bridging gaps.


She said, “My parents came here because of war, and they wanted to give my siblings and me the opportunity to receive an education in a safe environment. As the eldest of nine children, being a role model is important…I have seen too many young Somali Bantu women without opportunities…”  She came here from Somalia and has a young family. She is now a senior at the University of Vermont. She knew what to do and is in a place where we could take care of her needs. CVOEO continues “building futures.”


Last year CVOEO served 20,802 people in crisis. Over 2,961 of that number were children under the age of 11. 3,230 of that number were people 70 years of age, more than double the number that was served last year. 9,409 of that number were races other than Caucasian, almost three times the number we served last year. 2,273 of that number had post-secondary education. We are all in that number.


We are most fortunate at CVOEO to do this work and we are rich beyond measure to do this work with you.


Each year brings new lessons and new challenges at CVOEO. It is truly a work of “bridging gaps and building futures.” It is gratifying to see our board give so generously of their time and themselves to make certain that we succeed.  It is an inspiration to see your faithful gift of volunteer hours, and the way you contribute that extra mile in giving. And it is energizing to know those who come through our doors and whose homes we enter:  to see dreams given voice and goals realized.  


I am grateful.  







CVOEO addresses fundamental issues of economic, social, and racial justice and works with people to achieve economic independence.


Serving more than 10,000 households annually,
impacting the lives of over 20,000 individuals