Fair Housing Friday Webinars

FAIR HOUSING FRIDAYS is a series of informational, interactive video sessions on Fair Housing issues hosted by Corrine Yonce and Jess Hyman of the Fair Housing Project of CVOEO. The free Zoom webinars are held from 12:30-1:30pm, with guest presenters and plenty of time for Q&A.  

Fair Housing Fridays continue this April, 2021! 

Go to the Fair Housing Month Events Page for the schedule and registration information. Follow us on Facebook and our Thriving Communities Blog to stay tuned.

Fair Housing Fridays archive:

  • April 23, 2021 - Changing Realities of Housing after COVID with Vermont State Senator Kesha Ram, Seth Leonard of Vermont Housing Finance Agency, and Shaun Gilpin of the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development, facilitated by Brian Pine of the Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition. 
    *CLICK HERE to see the video*


  • April 16, 2021 - Equity and Choice in Vermont Housing with Vermont State Representative Brian Cina, VT Human Rights Commission Director Bor Yang, and Dalib Bulle from the CVOEO Community Ambassador Program. Panelists will focus on challenges to housing equity and mobility in Vermont, current policy proposals to remedy inequity, and creative solutions from around the country.
    *CLICK HERE to see the video*

  • April 9, 2021 - Racial Discrimination & Community Impacts with Minelle Sarfo-Adu, a High School Junior at Big Picture South Burlington (BPSB). This informative presentation includes barriers to equal opportunity in housing with a focus on the reality that there is still housing discrimination in housing, how to recognize it, and steps toward individual and community solutions.
    *CLICK HERE to see the video*

  • April 2, 2021 - Fair Housing Month Kick Off with Jess Hyman, Corrine Yonce, and Shiferaw Gemeda of the CVOEO Fair Housing Project and Johnathan Clark of the Vermont Department of Libraries. Learn about activities and events around the state, including the HeART & Home Community Art Project, online workshops, community discussions, library events, and more. Let’s celebrate inclusive communities and take a stand against housing discrimination!
    *CLICK HERE to see the video*


  • February 26, 2021 - Just Cause Eviction & Why it's Important for Housing Equity
    Join the Fair Housing Project of CVOEO for a lunchtime conversation on Just Cause Eviction - this Friday, Feb. 26, 12:30-1:30pm. Panelists include City Councilor Brian Pine, speaking on behalf of the Just Cause Coalition, Michael Monte from Champlain Housing Trust, Bor Yang from the Vermont Human Rights Commission, and Christie Delphia from Burlington Tenants Union. Panelists will discuss how language similar to Just Cause is already used by non profit housers in Vermont, why evictions should be avoided and when they are actually necessary, and how Just Cause policies can help combat housing discrimination. *CLICK HERE to see the recorded video* 



  • August 21 - Housing Committees as a Tool to Meet Local Needs
    This webinar was co-presented by the VT Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD), Vermont Housing Finance Agency, and the Fair Housing Project of CVOEO as part of DHCD’s Community Planning and Revitalization Division Planning & Permitting Innovations series, which is focused on tools to help communities adapt to the rapidly changing world. A local Housing Committee can be an effective tool for addressing housing needs and promoting equal housing opportunity in towns and cities of all sizes. These committees can take the form of a municipally-supported committee, subcommittee of the planning commission, resident advocacy group, housing discussion meet-up, or any other group that seeks to support or change the quality, quantity, affordability, and/or inclusiveness of housing in a community. This interactive webinar provides an overview of the role and function of Housing Committees with examples from municipalities around the state. We will discuss how a local Housing Committee can help your community address housing needs and challenges, engage residents, and help advance community planning priorities. *CLICK HERE to Watch the Recorded Webinar*

  • July 31 - Challenges & Supports for Homeowners in the Wake of COVID-19
  • *CLICK HERE to Watch the Recorded Webinar (& see chat log with resource links)*
  • Learn about the current state of homeownership and housing in Vermont (including racial inequities), mortgage assistance for homeowners affected by the pandemic, and how to dig into your community’s housing data with guests Shaun Gilpin of the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development, George Demas of Vermont Housing Finance Agency, and Jackson Dean of Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition.
  • July 17 - VT Rental Assistance Program and Eviction Moratorium Update
  • *CLICK HERE to Watch the Recorded Webinar *RESOURCE LIST & More Info*
    • Learn about how to get help with unpaid rent and what’s happening with evictions from Jean Murray of Vermont Legal Aid, Tyler Mass of Vermont State Housing Authority, Shaun Gilpin of the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development, Angela Zaikowski of Vermont Landlord Association, and Karin Ames of CVOEO Vermont Tenants.
  • April 10: “State and Federal Housing Policy: What’s happening and how it affects you” with Erhard Mahnke of the Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition and Chris Donnelly of Champlain Housing Trust
    *See video and resources here*

  • April 17: “Tenants’ Rights and Renting during COVID-19” with Erika Johnson of Vermont Legal Aid and Karin Ames of Vermont Tenants
    *See video and resources here*


  • April 24: “Fair Housing during (and in the wake of) COVID-19” with Melissa Horwitz of the Vermont Human Rights Commission and Ted Wimpey, Fair Housing Expert/Advocate
    *See video and resources here*

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