April Fair Housing Month

Each April we celebrate the 1968 passage of the Fair Housing Act with a series of public education and art events to raise awareness about housing discrimination in Vermont and the positive role that inclusive, affordable housing plays in thriving communities.

FAIR HOUSING MONTH activities in Vermont are coordinated by the Fair Housing Project of CVOEO, in collaboration with Vermont Department of Libraries, Vermont Library Association, ONE Arts Center, VT Department of Housing and Community Development, Vermont Legal Aid, Vermont Human Rights Commission, and other partners.

Join us during the month of April for free online public education and art events, including workshops, community discussions, library events, and the all-ages HeART & Home Community Art Project. 

The full schedule of events with registration links is available at https://fairhousingmonthvt.org/event-calendar. For more information, call 802-660-3456 x 106 or email fhp@cvoeo.org.

Here's a sampling of the activities:

  • FAIR HOUSING MONTH KICK OFF: 12:30pm Friday, April 2. Join us to learn about activities and events around the state, including the HeART & Home Community Art Project, online workshops, community discussions, library events, and more. Held via Facebook live at www.facebook.com/thrivingcommunitiesvt and on Zoom https://tinyurl.com/FHMkickoffApril1.
  • FAIR HOUSING FRIDAYS: A series of informational discussions on topics such as Equity and Choice in Vermont Housing, Racial Discrimination in Housing and Community Impacts, and the Changing Realities of Vermont’s Housing Landscape after COVID. (12:30pm Fridays via Zoom and Facebook live with recordings available for later viewing.)
  • WORKSHOPS & TRAININGS: This series of educational events includes opportunities for the general public, landlords, and municipal officials to learn about fair housing rights and responsibilities and discuss issues related to harassment and hate crimes. Presented by CVOEO, Vermont Legal Aid, Vermont Human Rights Commission, Vermont Landlord Association, VT Department of Housing and Community Development, and U.S. Attorney’s Office of Vermont.
  • LIBRARY ACTIVITIES: Libraries around the state are holding book discussions on “Race for Profit,” “Evicted,” and other housing justice-related books and films; hosting “A Chair for My Mother” StoryWalks® and other family activities; promoting a Fair Housing Reading Challenge for kids and adults; and joining the HeART & Home Community Art Project. See book lists and more resources here: https://libraries.vermont.gov/fairhousing2021
  • HeART & HOME COMMUNITY ART PROJECT: It’s easy to join this all-ages art project! 1) Download creative prompts at www.fairhousingmonthvt.org/community-art-project ; 2) Create a drawing, collage, painting, photo, sculpture, comic, video, or any other type of art; and 3) Share a photo of your creation at www.facebook.com/HeARTandHomeVT or email to fhp@cvoeo.org. Free art kits are available for libraries, community groups, and housing sites and participants and community members are invited to join the April 29 online Artist Reception.

Fair Housing is the right to equal opportunity in housing choice and the right to rent, buy, finance, and live in rent or buy a dwelling free from discrimination or harassment. The federal Fair Housing Act passed into law in April 1968 and prohibits discrimination concerning the sale, rental, and financing of housing based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, and as amended, disability and family status. Vermont has additional protections based on age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, receipt of public assistance, being a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking, and denial of development permitting based on the income of prospective residents.

The Fair Housing Project of CVOEO coordinates April Fair Housing Month activities in collaboration with Vermont Department of Libraries, Vermont Library Association, ONE Arts Center, Vermont Legal Aid, Vermont Human Rights Commission, VT Department of Housing and Community Development, and other partners. These activities are made possible with the support of the Champions of Affordable Inclusive Housing and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Library activities are supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a federal agency, through the Library Service and Technology Act as administered by the Vermont Department of Libraries.

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