Rent Right Program

Our RentRight Program makes use of CVOEO’s spectrum of services by combining the expertise of three programs in one educational setting.  Vermont Tenants, Financial Futures and Housing Assistance programs have teamed up to create and implement the RentRight Program.

This educational program directly addresses homelessness by targeting the causes. To be eligible, participants must be either currently homeless, have a history of chronic homelessness, be precariously housed, or be first-time renters.

Participants attend 10 hours of course work and individual sessions as well as commit to follow-up work with the program. The curriculum covers credit repair and building; spending management skills; setting financial goals; communicating with and understanding the landlord’s perspective; legal responsibilities and avoiding eviction; and much more.   Those who successfully complete the course earn a “Preferred Renter” card, giving them a significant edge in a tight housing market.

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