Matched Savings for Key Goals

“I signed up for and began saving into a CVOEO Vermont Matched Savings account (formerly IDA) to help fund the purchase of a home. I also completed two Growing Money courses: Keys to Credit and Creating a Financial Future. I have saved regularly since and I’m on course to make the home purchase for my family of six. I’ve also worked with a Growing Money financial coach to obtain a low-deposit-amount secured credit card from New England Federal Credit Union to help increase my credit score before applying for a mortgage.” – Program participant

The program will match each dollar you save with another $1. If you save the allowed maximum of $1,000, you will get another $1,000 in match and have $2,000 at the end of 24 months.

In addition, the program enrolls you in Growing Money services to support you in saving and attaining your goal. When you are ready to spend your savings and match, we will support you in creating a written plan for approval, and you will provide us with financial quotes from vendors so we can send them the check.

With a Vermont Matched Savings (VMS) account, you save for up to 24 months for one of the following goals:

  • Buying or repairing a home
  • Getting education after high school
  • Starting or expanding a business
  • Buying or repairing a car needed for work
  • Tools or training needed for work

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