Micro Business Development

“Micro Business has been and still is a critical resource for me and my business. Simeon and other staff members have seen this process through to great success for me and my business. If not for the skills and professional advice, technical assistance and coaching abilities of this small staff of dedicated people, I doubt my business would be where it is today.”

Whether your plan is for a one person operation or includes employees, whether it’s part time or full time, whether it will be bootstrapped or loan funded, our knowledgeable and respectful business counselor is ready to assist with:

  • Thinking through your business idea
  • Discussing how ready you are to run a business
  • Educationg you about essential business skills
  • Creating a business plan
  • Connecting you to other helpful resources
  • Getting your credit in order
  • Applying for business funding
  • Much more!

Have you thought about starting or expanding a small business to:

  • Make money doing what you love to do
  • Create income from your talents and skills
  • Supplement household income

To schedule a first meeting, contact Simeon or John:

Simeon Geigel

802-860-1417 x 116   



John Gergely

802-860-1417 x120




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